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Our software package is a one-shot solution. Everything is always included:

Cross-platform versions: Desktop Windows + Mac versions, plus Web (except Web-only licenses), free worldwide telephone and online support 24/5, free weekly webinars in English and Spanish, full maintenance, full functionality, , maximum flexibility.

No extra charges or hidden costs (no in-app billings, no "basic" and "pro"-versions!)

Manage licenses, seats and users fast and easy as an administrator with no additional costs.

Educational Licenses

Educational licensing are for use in teaching and research by accredited, degree-granting educational institutions and their members only.

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Student Licenses

Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students may obtain a specially priced license to use the full program version of ATLAS.ti in their degree studies.

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Non-Commercial & Government

Government / non-commercial licenses can be obtained by registered non-profit organizations, NGOS, national or local government institutions, supra-national organizations, and their employees.

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Commercial Licenses

All types of commercial use, including training, non-academic research, consulting, and administration.

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Campus License

An unlimited number of members of an institution have access to the software. Pay a single annual license fee based on the size of your institution over an open lease period. Upgrades are included during the lease period.

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Upgrade license

Upgrade versions

Do you want to upgrade your license to the latest version?

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Extend Licenses

Extend license

Do you want to expand your existing license or buy additional ones?

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Training Center

Learning Resources

Learn ATLAS.ti quickly and thoroughly. You can find out more and book training here.

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