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      Obtaining a written quote before purchasing our products is easy:

      The written quote will be be available for immediate download as a PDF document, and it will also be sent to you via email.

      A written quote is good for 60 days.

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      If ordering educational licenses, please see our Terms and Conditions for Educational Licenses

      For questions regarding the order process, please contact our sales partner cleverbridge Inc.

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      Purchase orders are accepted from businesses (except resellers), educational, and government institutions. Placing a purchase order is simple and straight-forward:

      For questions regarding the order process, please contact our sales partner cleverbridge Inc.

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Buy New Windows or Mac Licences

Commercial Licenses

All types of commercial use, including training, non-academic research, consulting, and administration.

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Educational Licenses

Officially accredited educational institutions and their official members may obtain discounted educational licenses for exclusive use in academic teaching and research.

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Student Licenses

ATLAS.ti student licenses are available at a very significant discount to full-time students after submitting proof of currrent enrollment in an accredited degree program.

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Government / non-commercial licenses can be obtained by registered non-profit organizations, NGOS, national or local government institutions, supra-national organizations, and their official employees.

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Campus License

An unlimited number of members of an institution have access to the software. Pay a single annual license fee based on the size of your institution over an open lease period. Upgrades are included during the lease period.

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Training Center

There is no better way to learn ATLAS.ti quickly and thoroughly than from competent trainers in our dedicated training events. Get more information and book your training here.

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Upgrade Existing Licenses

Upgrade / New Program Version

Are you seeking to upgrade your existing license to the most current program version? Enter your license key to obtain upgrades for your existing license.

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You can also get general pricing information without entering your license key here

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More Licenses

Are you seeking to obtain additional licenses or expand your existing license? Convert your existing leased license to a permanent one? We can help you right here:

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