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      Obtaining a written quote before purchasing our products is easy:

      The written quote will be be available for immediate download as a PDF document, and it will also be sent to you via email.

      A written quote is good for 60 days.

    • Ordering by Fax or Mail

      If ordering educational licenses, please see our Terms and Conditions for Educational Licenses

      For questions regarding the order process, please contact our sales partner cleverbridge Inc.

    • Purchase order

      Purchase orders are accepted from businesses (except resellers), educational, and government institutions. Placing a purchase order is simple and straight-forward:

      For questions regarding the order process, please contact our sales partner cleverbridge Inc.

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    • Lease versus Buy

      In terms of average cost, the lease version is slightly cheaper than the purchased version due to its many reductions from year to year (during the lease period). The lease version also has a lower administrative effort due to the annual automatic renewal (which can still be cancelled every year!). If the lease periods are interrupted and then continued later, the reductions are not completely lost, but they decrease slightly.

US Dollar

Non-Commercial & Government

Government / non-commercial licenses can be obtained by registered non-profit organizations, NGOS, national or local government institutions, supra-national organizations, and their official employees.

The ATLAS.ti Licenses & Courses

Important note: Our software package is a one-shot solution! It includes the desktop versions for Windows and Mac as well as our web version. Projects can be exchanged between these versions. You can manage all seats and users easily, quickly, and at no additional cost with our User-Management system.

Lease: You pay annually and are always automatically up to date with the latest ATLAS.ti version.

Purchase: You pay once, own the license, and can use the version for an unlimited time. You only have the latest version until there is a new version (which you can then buy with a 50% reduction to have the latest version).

Personalized Single User - Web

Personalized Single-User License (PC, Mac + Web)

Single User License (PC, Mac + Web)

5 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

10 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

15 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

20 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

25 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

30 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

35 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

40 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

45 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

50 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

55 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

60 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

65 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

70 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

80 User License (PC, Mac + Web)

* Prices are net prices