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Student Licenses

Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students may obtain a specially priced license to use the full program version of ATLAS.ti in their degree studies.

To obtain an ATLAS.ti student license at its substantially reduced rate, you must supply us with the following documents within five days of purchase:

  • A facsimile of your valid and current student ID, clearly stating your affiliation with an officially accredited institution of higher education
  • A facsimile of a second, official ID or passport, containing a photo and with matching name(s).

Send these documents, plus your cleverbridge purchase ref.number and your license key to

Student licenses are strictly personal and cannot be obtained or held by institutions or third parties. We reserve the right to revoke any license deemed to be obtained or used illegally without prior notice.

Student Licence - Web-Only

Only 1 user possible
(Accessible only through your browser)
leaseMonthButton Arrow $10.00 *

Student License (two years) - PC, Mac + Web

Only 1 user possible

Semester License - PC, Mac + Web

Only 1 user possible
* Prices are net prices